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Mountaineer in helmet. A woman climbs th


Rock Climbing Basics

15th -16th May 2021

 This weekend beginners rock climbing course  is ideal for anyone interested in learning to rock climb outside. The course is targeted at beginners, motivated and enthused to enjoy outside rock climbing here in Chamonix


You do not need any previous experience of rock climbing although being fit and active is advantageous.


The aim of the course is to equip you with the fundamental skills necessary to climb safely as a competent second as part of a climbing partnership. 

Course Overview

  • Understand climbing equipment and how to use it correctly

  • Safely fit a harness and tie into a rope

  • ​Develop the ability to climb safely using a rope

  • Belay and lower effectively and safely

  • Belaying both leader and second

  • Descend rock climbing routes via abseiling

  • Develop and practise participant’s movement skills

  • Learn to interpret a climbing guidebook and the grading system 

  • Gain knowledge of the range of climbing opportunities 


Chamonix Rock Climbing Basics

1:4 ratio

2 days (weekend)

€200  per person


All equipment provided 

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Rock Climber
Image by Patrick Hendry
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